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 Please know that we could not be more grateful for your consideration to allow us to adopt your child. This is such a selfless and courageous decision.  We pray you will be able to find peace, whatever your decision may be. We want to better understand your wishes for your child, so we can give him the best life we can. No one could ever give us a greater gift than you, by trusting us to love and raise your precious baby. We thank you for taking the time to get to know our family and hope that you feel the immense love and support that we would be able to provide.

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We started this journey as a family with a lot of anxiety and hope. There are a lot of unknowns in life but one thing we do know is that we would love nothing more than to bring another child into our home and have the honor of raising him. We know that life will present us with hardships and challenges. With the love and support we have for one another and also from family and our close friends, we know we will be able to take those challenges head on and make the right decisions along the way.
Our promise to you is that your child will grow up loved and in an environment where they will have every opportunity available to them to be successful in life. We also know that nothing in life is ever just given, it has to be earned through hard work and dedication.  As a parent we want nothing more than all our children to be afforded the same opportunities our parents had given us growing up. We want them to grow up to be independent thinkers and self-confident with the persons that they are. We can promise you that we will always be actively involved our children’s lives. Both of our families are very excited for this journey and to welcome another child into this family.



Aaron is the type of person that if you would drop something he would stop and get it to make sure he got it back to you even if it would make him late. He wants to do what is right for everyone. He has 8 siblings and he is right in the middle. Growing up in a big family there wasn’t always extras so he enlisted in the US Navy after high school for 6 years. In that time he was able to travel the world and completed several deployments on his ship. After leaving the Navy he took a position in the nuclear field and has worked there since 2010, showing his dedication and loyalty to one company he has been able to be very successful. Aaron fell in love the moment he met his daughter, Addison in 2014 and is so excited for the opportunity to have another child. Aaron’s parents have been married for 36 years and still to this day show the love they have grown. His dad was able to teach him so many great qualities and Aaron wishes to one day be able to pass these on to his son to make him the best man he can grow up to become. Aaron loves basketball and football and his favorite colors are blue and green. His favorite activity is anything outdoors.

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Melissa is a devoted wife who is selfless and always there when you need her. She will put her family first and it shows even in her career. Before becoming a mom Melissa was a successful sales women and she never wanted to give that up but wanted to be a mom that was actively involved with her children. She worked hard so she could get to the position where she could have an easy balance. She will work from home so she can spend more time with Addison and when working she works hard. Melissa grew up with one younger brother whom she is very close with still today. Melissa’s parents live a few miles away and are the daytime caretakers while Melissa is working if Aaron is not home. Melissa’s parents are the grandparents you always wanted. Their grandchild is their life and they can’t wait to welcome their 1st grandson into the family through adoption. Melissa grew up in PA in the country on several acres with a chocolate and yellow lab. After graduating from college Melissa moved South and her family followed shortly after. Melissa love to watch sports live and used to play softball. Her favorite things are going to the beach with her extended family vacations and also amusement parks. She absolutely loves animals and as a teen she used to sneak stray puppies and kittens home because she didn’t want them to sleep outside. Her mom always said she should have been a vet.  Melissa and Aaron got a lab puppy this fall and he is now 6 months old. His name is Brady and he adores children.  We also have a maltipoo and her name is Lola, she is 4. Melissa’s favorite color is Blue.



We live in SC in a very nice and safe area, great for raising a family. We built our forever home in April of 2016 and have a nursery ready and waiting for a special little boy to fill it. We live in some of the best school districts in the state which is part of the reason we picked our area. We are close to the beach, mountains and have beautiful outdoor weather all year long.



As you grow in our hearts we build this nursery full of love knowing we will one day bring you home.  


You can reach us anytime, any day. You can send us an email and I will respond within hours. Click on the Facebook link to see updates daily. If you are not comfortable contacting us directly you can contact our agency, Hope Embraced, and speak to Jeanne. She is great to work with and you will feel very comfortable as she has been in your shoes.  Her number is below and tell her you are looking for Aaron and Melissa.


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