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Expectant Parent Letter

Expectant Parent Letter

Please know that we could not be more grateful for your consideration to allow us to adopt your child. This is such a selfless and courageous decision.. We pray you will be able to find peace, whatever your decision may be. We want to better understand your wishes for your child, so we can give him the best life we can. No one could ever give us a greater gift than you, by trusting us to love and raise your precious child. We thank you for taking the time to get to know our family and hope that you feel the immense love and support that we would be able to provide.


About Us

We have been married 5 wonderful years. Our mutual love of travel, beach, church, football and family has kept our marriage strong and fun. We both have laid-back personalities with a great respect for each other’s feelings. We both grew up with siblings and feel deeply that our family is not complete without another child to share our love with. Melissa is an advisor with a flexible schedule. She loves being able to have the extra time to spend with her daughter. She is a passionate listener who brings her love of helping home to her family. Aaron has a strong compassion for others that comes through in his family and work life. He is curious and is always trying new things. He is a patient father who puts his family first. Aaron was in the US Navy for 6 years and then has worked in operations since 2009. Our daughter Addison is an affectionate, creative, and compassionate little girl. People can’t believe she is only 2 years old with a heart so full of love and joy. She is so excited about being a big sister! We have struggled through years of infertility and multiple miscarriages. We have been so blessed to have our wonderful two year old daughter. We know that it is God’s calling for us to add another child to our family through adoption.


Ideal Match

We would be thrilled to be matched with a boy of Caucasian like or Caucasian/Hispanic race. We would be happy to have a relationship with the birth mother and be able to communicate via email and send pictures/updates before and after birth.


Melissa & Aaron


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