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We are going to be parents again!!

Boy has it been one heck of a week full of excitement. Monday evening I stopped working and took Addison outside to play. It was a gorgeous southern day and nothing unusual. We came in to get ready for dinner and my cell phone rang and that is when my whole life changed. It was an attorney that I happened to reach out to . By the faith of God she called and told me she had a woman named "C" who was pregnant with a baby boy and she was due May 8th. She said she picked us because "C" also has a daughter and that her daughter resembles Aaron. Boy if I didn't love my husband already I sure do love him even more now (haha). He gave me Addison and now in a way he helped give me a son too. Aaron walked in the door from work just as I was hanging up. He knew by the look on my face. Needless to say we didn't sleep at all Monday night. Tuesday evening was the night we got to talk on the phone to "C" and see if we were what each other was looking for. I can't speak for her but I really feel there was this instant calming we got from her. We were so nervous sitting here on our living room couch. When the phone rang and heard the attorney ask if we are ready to talk I felt my heart drop with fear, anxiety and hope. We had no clue what to ask or how this was going to go but when "C" started speaking it was like those fears calmed. She told us about her situation and her family and we told her about us and our reasons for wanting adoption to fulfill our family. Her reasons for this are so pure with love. This is a women who is not acting out of selfish ways or hate she in fact just wanting what is best for her baby. She wants him to grow up with a father and someone who can always be there for him. She is a good person and even though she is at the toughest times in her life I know she is strong and will be everything she ever wanted to be. While on the phone we got to speak to "C's" mom as well. She fully supports this decision and is able to be there for her daughter to give her the love and support she needs and will need. Next week "C" goes to the Dr and she is going to ask for an induction so that we can have a date for the delivery for us to be there and able to bond from his first breath. There will be a bond that I have with my son's birth mom for the rest of my life. I have never even seen her and only spoke to her for a few hours and it might be because this child that I already love and feel in my heart is the one she is carrying, but in this way I feel close to her and pray that God gives her what she needs in life to fill all her dreams to be happy and also her daughter.

The end of April we will be travelling to Alabama for the birth and to bring home our son. <3

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