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To all expectant moms even if I am not the one...

Adoption is like dating in the beginning. You meet hopeful parents to be, your nervous and scared and trust me so are we. You either like them or you don't and if you don't that is ok. You don't like everyone you go on a first date with right? But that's where I still want to help. My family might not be what you are looking for and that is ok. Maybe you want a family that lives in the north or maybe you want a family with lots of kids or no kids. Maybe you want a biracial or a Hispanic family. All of that is ok. But what I don't want is for you to feel alone and have no place to turn. I have done so much networking and research over adoption that I have made some great friends, some I could see even lifelong friends. I have met many moms that at one time sat here just like you. I know you might be scared or alone so please let me help you. I have other friends who are looking for only girls or twins, other races and live in all areas of the country that I can help connect you with. I also have agencies I spoke with and attorneys in several states that could help show you families too. One agency I love is here near me and she was a birth mom making an adoption plan years ago. She didn't find her family until 2 weeks before she was due. She was lost and alone. She is great to work with because she can relate not only to my side but to yours like most agencies and attorneys can't.

I am going to post a blog on here that talks about what we are looking for but I thought this was the more important while I had some time to write. You are not alone and you are not a bad person for thinking of placing your child. In fact you are the opposite. You are loving a child so much that you want better for them and for whatever that reason is you don't feel you can provide right now and that is ok. You could have chosen abortion but you wanted life. You are also helping complete someone else's family that would never have that love a child they longed for without you.

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